Forward Bend Yoga Poses

Thursday, September 15th 2022. | Yoga
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In this asana column, we begin with the traditional form and alignment of the pose, then offer three adaptations to help any body reap the benefits of the pose and move safely through the rows and stretches. Here are four ways to experience the physical and emotional benefits of the High Lunge.

Forward Bend Yoga Poses

Forward Bend Yoga Poses

A. From Tadasana (Mountain Pose), with your hands on your hips, inhale to lengthen your back. Stretch your quads by lifting them and away from your knees.

Seated Forward Fold For Stress Relief + Digestion — Yo Re Mi

B. Irrigation, hanging on legs. As you lower your torso toward your feet, let the top of your head sink toward the floor. If you can reach the mat, place your hands on either side of your feet with your fingers and toes touching. Use blocks if you can’t reach the ground.

C. Raise and straighten your arms, lifting your chest up and out. Shift your body weight onto the soles of your feet, placing your feet on top of your feet.

E. Lower the shoulder blades toward the sacrum so that the base of the neck is long and tall.

H. Exhale and re-extend your ribcage, pulling the sternum away from the navel and widening the collarbones. Take out the water and put your hands on your shoulders.

Forward Bends — Yogaru

I. Exhale, lower your legs forcefully, and lift your legs up into Tadasana.

Find the back and hamstring stretch that works for you in these three poses.

Try using the blocks to keep your hands on the floor, rather than hitting the floor. This makes it easier to open the chest by engaging the core muscles. If it’s more comfortable, bend your knees slightly.

Forward Bend Yoga Poses

Bring your knees together, letting your knees bend. This will focus on the hamstring muscles instead of the adductor, creating more stability.

Standing Forward Bend Pose

For a more comfortable version of the pose, put your hands on your hands and rest your head on the back of a chair. Optional: Bend your knees to reduce the intensity of the stretch.

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