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Sunday, September 18th 2022. | Yoga
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Yoga With Kids – We live in stressful times and children need support. Along with pent-up energy and heightened emotions, making physical activity a part of your child’s routine can help relieve stress, boost spirits, and restore a sense of normalcy. One way to provide your children with a soothing outlet is through yoga.

Yoga provides a powerful way for children to build a strong foundation of self-awareness. Yoga teaches children to slow down, become more self-aware, and notice the breath, mind, body, and spirit. Building a strong foundation in your children will help them deal with life’s challenges in a positive manner.

Yoga With Kids

Yoga With Kids

• helps children reduce stress about school, homework and peer relationships; Yoga is a healthy coping strategy that can be used throughout life.

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• Increases determination, perseverance, patience and conscience. Yoga is built in layers and layers, so as a child practices, they gain knowledge to help them make more informed decisions that lead to intentional action.

Hundreds of videos of different styles of yoga. There’s also the Cosmic Kids Yoga app if you prefer lessons outside of YouTube.

The recording includes playful music, songs and stories while the artists perform yoga poses. The videos are under five minutes, making them great for younger kids

Offers a variety of exercises, games, dances and more to enhance children’s movement, awareness and wonder of their surroundings; Now launching GoNoodle Family Club.

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To say we live in a divided age is to call the Grand Canyon a crack in the ground. Things get worse. The mutual animosity between left and right is metastasizing, becoming a formidable force of mistrust, anger and aggression. It spreads through school board meetings, town halls and social media. Underneath it all is a powerful fear. According to a 2020 report by the Pew Research Center, nine out of 10 voters on both the left and the right worry that another party’s victory could “permanently damage” the country.

Enter Braver Angels, a national organization dedicated to uniting red and blue Americans in an effective coalition to depolarize America.

Yoga With Kids

In the wake of the controversial 2016 presidential election, Bill Doherty, a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota, joined two of his colleagues in New York and Ohio. “People in their part of the country felt very different,” he says. “In Manhattan, it was like the end of the world, while in southwest Ohio there was a celebration.”

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All three men worked in sections on marriage, relationships and relationships. Wanting to apply his expertise to the political landscape, he convened 10 Hillary Rodham Clinton voters and 10 Donald Trump voters in South Lebanon, Ohio, to facilitate the conversation. Doherty led the first Brewer’s Angels Red/Blue Workshop in December 2016. “It was a very successful initial workshop,” he recalls “We thought it would be a one-off, but we decided to go ahead.”

Doherty has since created various workshops for Brewer’s Angels, and the organization now has nearly 40,000 clients, including members in all 50 states. Minnesota is an “incubator state” for new workshops (since the pandemic, most workshops have been held on Zoom). With approximately 2,750 members, Minnesota has the highest number of members per capita in the country. Local coalitions are forming in communities across the state, with members meeting digitally and in person in parks and libraries to discuss issues ranging from “political homelessness” to criminal justice reform.

The Braver Angels workshop aims to emphasize the inherent humanity and subtle life experiences of people’s perspectives. “The Red/Blue Workshop is a life-changing experience,” said Brewer Angels Minnesota Coordinator Kim Martison. “People go, ‘I had no idea why you believe what you do.'”

Someone might talk about how their spouse’s job as a police officer informs their stance on gun control, or how their childhood experiences inform their views on food stamps. “People bring their stories, and others go, ‘Now I get it!'” says Martinson. “A lamp is always on.”

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Part of the red/blue workshop included a “fishbowl” exercise. Each “side” (red and blue) takes time to talk to each other, while the other side listens and learns. First, group members in a fishbowl discuss why their ideals and visions are good for the country. Next, they discuss their reservations and concerns on their own behalf. “It invites humility and self-criticism,” Doherty explains. “It helps soften the other side.”

At a Red/Blue workshop led by Doherty, the Democratic Party activist said that for the first time he not only understood what the Reds’ position was, but why it was there. “He said he gained insight into their fears, values ​​and desires, and it changed him,” Doherty said. At another workshop in Anoka, a red participant noted, “Neither side is going to defeat the other, so we have to come together and figure out how to run the country.”

US Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn., 3rd District) has participated in several Braver Angels workshops with constituents in his Minnesota district and with some of his national colleagues as part of the Congressional Problem Solving Caucus. “The Courageous Angels workshops are the only places where people recognize commonalities within hours, often coming from very different political perspectives, and quickly go from hostility to friendship,” he says. “Seeing people come in with low expectations and be inspired and hopeful, that’s the most rewarding part of my job.”

Yoga With Kids

At a recent workshop in Phillips’ district, a representative recalled how the meeting ended with participants summarizing their experiences: “A liberal woman said to a conservative, ‘I almost flipped when you drove by with a Trump sticker on your F-150. . almost Now I see you are a good man.’ He said, ‘I felt the same way when you got into your Prius!’ Then they hugged. It strengthened my mission to preserve such inspiring moments.”

Yoga Poses To Help Calm Kids

The Brewer Angels try to strike a balance between the Reds and the Blues. “One of the key decisions early on was that Braver Angels leadership at the national and state level would be half red and half blue, and all of our offerings would be free,” Doherty said. But attracting enough red subscribers can be a challenge, especially in urban areas.

“Blues draw more conversation between differences than reds,” Doherty notes, but when reds attend Brewer’s Angels workshops, they rate them as well as blues. “The challenge is just getting them in the door.”

According to Doherty, blues can also be “very judgmental about things”. But testimonials and word of mouth from participating Reds can help attract others. Rick Hautner, a Red member of the Braver Angels in Minnesota, has found that Reds are suspicious of the organization, thinking they are trying to change their minds or that people will attack them after they reveal themselves.

“I tell them I’ve had great conversations with liberals and progressives. They didn’t necessarily change my mind, but they opened my pores,” says Hautner.

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The goal is not to have all participants hold hands and sing Kumbaya in the same place. It is that instead of seeing each other as enemies, Americans again occupy the same moral universe. “So that when we have to compromise democracy, we don’t look like we’ve defeated the enemy,” Doherty said.

“Our biggest challenge is ignorance,” Phillips said. “We are ignoring each other. Antidotes are a step towards each other. If we all do this at conferences, picnics and around the dinner table, we can make a difference. The truth is we’re not nearly as divided as the entertainment industry would have us believe.”

In the 1990s, Dean Berkeley was a tireless public-office aspirant and public servant in Minnesota. He founded the Independence Party, the U.S. Ran three times for Senate, led Jesse Ventura’s successful gubernatorial campaign in 1998, and later became vice chairman of the Transition Committee and accepted Ventura’s appointment to become director of the state’s policy and long office. . Range planning.

Yoga With Kids

Berkeley became nationally famous after U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone died 20 years ago

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