2 Person Yoga Poses

Wednesday, September 21st 2022. | Yoga
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2 Person Yoga Poses – Has your fitness or wellness routine ever felt a little sluggish and in need of a shake-up? Maybe you’ve done yoga before, but what about yoga poses for 2 people? You may find that it is just what you need.

Unsurprisingly, yoga has continued to dominate the wellness industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down. There are countless physical and mental benefits, such as improving strength and balance, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing flexibility. Not to mention the incredible community of people you can be a part of. Partner yoga only adds to these benefits, and you can start your yoga journey at any stage, regardless of your skill level.

2 Person Yoga Poses

2 Person Yoga Poses

Yoga for two challenges you in new ways and allows you to deepen your stretching and balance exercises. Whether it’s your partner, child, yoga teacher, or friend, doing a yoga pose with a partner can be fun and rewarding. You can even try group yoga poses with modifications. No matter who you choose to do partner yoga with, trust and communication are important.

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Practicing yoga poses with friends and family is a great opportunity to improve relationships and build trust and teamwork. You will no doubt strengthen your bond and share many laughs along the way. Everyone is welcome regardless of your skills or experience and there is always room for improvement. Start small with a few beginner yoga poses for two and always remember to stretch beforehand and focus on deep breathing!

There are almost endless partner yoga poses you can try, but we’ll start with simple couple yoga poses to get you started. Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for a long time or just starting out, these easy yoga poses for two are a great place to start and warm up your body for more advanced partner yoga moves. The easiest are wonderful yoga poses with friends before or after an hour of warm-up or cool-down stretches.

The Forward Fold position gives the body a good stretch in the thighs, calves and back. By sending your partner a yoga practice, you can stretch even deeper and it can be done either sitting or standing.

In the seated partner rollup, sit facing your partner with your legs in a narrow position. Then lean forward and take your partner’s hands, rocking back and forth so everyone can feel the stretch. To lighten the pose, you can bend your knees a little or widen the pose, and to make it more intense, try a seated pike pose instead of a standing one.

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If you’re standing, you and your partner face each other about a foot apart. Slowly bend forward from the hips, release your back and bring your chest towards the floor as far as you can. You can deepen the stretch by grabbing your partner’s arms and pulling towards each other. Keep a slight bend in your knees and hands on the quads to reduce the intensity of the stretch.

Another good partner yoga pose for stretching is the Seated Spinal Twist. This pose stretches the back, chest and abdominal muscles and can be adjusted to your strength level.

To start the seated spinal twist, you sit with both legs crossed and your backs touching. Each person begins by sitting tall, moving their right hand to their partner’s left knee, and moving their left hand to their right knee. Turn as far as you want, keeping your chest and head up as you do. When you’re done, do the same to the other side.

2 Person Yoga Poses

In addition to the deeper stretches, another benefit of two-person yoga is that you can help support each other while doing a balancing pose. An example of this is the Double Tree Pose.

Best, Easiest Yoga Poses For Two People To Try Partner Yoga

Stand side by side with your partner with your feet about a foot apart and your hips touching. Plant the inside leg firmly on the ground while slowly lifting the outside leg up, bending the knee and placing the foot on either the side of the calf or thigh (avoid the knee). With the arms, you can either place the inner arms behind each other with the outer arm in the air or on the hip bone, hold one arm in a prayer position, or raise both arms in the air. Feel the security of your partner by your side and be creative with your arms!

Temple is an easy two-person yoga pose that gives both partners a deep stretch in the chest and shoulders. Start by facing each other a few feet apart with your feet hip-width apart. Breathe in, bring your hands over your head and begin to hinge at your hips. Lean forward until you meet your partner’s hands, then continue until your forearms and elbows also meet. Press into your partner to deepen the stretch in the chest by gently arching the back.

Boat pose is a balancing pose that can be a relatively easy pose for couples. If done correctly, your body forms a W in the air.

You start sitting with your knees bent, facing your partner with your feet on the floor and your toes touching. Grab your hands and start lifting one leg at a time into the air, pressing on your partner’s leg. With the soles pressed against your partner’s legs, slowly straighten one leg at a time until both legs are straight in the air. You should feel a good stretch in your thighs and shoulders. For an added challenge, you can try this pose with wide legs.

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Once you’ve warmed up to the two-person yoga poses above, you can move on to some intermediate yoga poses. These more advanced parayoga poses are based on some classic yoga moves like downward dog and plank. Before jumping in, make sure both partners are comfortable and warmed up.

The reclining position helps open your chest and stretch your back, and in the partner version you can go further into the stretch. Align your partner so that your toes are touching and grab each other’s arms. As you inhale, lengthen your spine and slowly begin to arch your back and release your neck as well. Use your partner’s support and weight to get into the stretch. When you’re ready to let go, tense your lats and core and roll to a standing position.

You are probably familiar with the traditional dog pose, as it is a staple in almost every yoga class. When you’re done with your partner, this pose gives both of you an even deeper stretch throughout your body, especially your back, shoulders, and calves.

2 Person Yoga Poses

One person starts in normal downward dog. When the base person is confident and comfortable, the second person places both hands on the ground a few meters forward and then slowly one foot at a time on the lower back. You can try moving your legs up and down your back and bending your knees slightly; just remember to place your feet on either side of your spine to avoid injury. Switch places when you’re done!

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If you’re an experienced yogi, you’ve probably done the dance pose on a bench before. After you’re done with your partner, the added support allows you to open your core even more and better stretch your shoulders and hip flexors.

You both start standing facing each other on opposite ends of the yoga mat. As you inhale, raise your left arm and slowly lean toward each other until your hands rest on each other’s left shoulder. Next, put the weight on the left legs, bend the right legs again and bring the right hands to the right legs. Once you’ve grabbed your right leg, you can push it deeper and lift it higher into the air, giving your back a deep stretch. Try to hold the position for about a minute and then switch sides. You may find that one side is easier than the other.

The plank position alone is great for your core, and the added balance required with a partner makes it even more challenging. One person starts in a regular plank position. When it’s done, the other partner grabs both of their partner’s ankles. Then they place their feet one at a time on their partner’s shoulders, avoiding stepping directly on their backs. Both partners should connect to their core and look straight down or slightly forward. Try to hold the plank for 30 seconds to a minute and you’ll both start to feel it in your stomach and shoulders.

Downward Dog Bow Pose combines the classic downward dog bow pose. One partner starts in downward facing dog, while the other partner sits with their head down on their back with their legs crossed. A standing partner may begin to lean back towards their partner

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