Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners

Friday, September 16th 2022. | Yoga
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Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners – Are you just starting yoga and looking for inspiration on what to practice or how to incorporate more seated yoga poses into your practice? We’ve compiled a list of explanations and alignment tips to help you practice the pose correctly and safely.

You don’t need to practice high lunges and chess to be a yogi. Whether you are new to yoga or looking for changes or alternatives to your practice, sitting on the floor or in a chair is the best way to practice yoga.

Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners

Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners

There are numerous yoga poses that you can practice on the floor. Below are several options to give you an idea of ​​how you can perform various exercises on the floor.

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This pose is not really that easy if you have been sitting in a chair for a long time. Most yoga classes start with this pose, so it’s worth getting comfortable with it.

“We’ll start in dandasana” is a phrase you hear often in yoga class. Staff Pose is the starting position for poses like Forward Bends or Heron Pose. It sounds easy, but sitting with your legs straight with a tall spine can actually be quite challenging.

The seated forward bend is a classic seated posture that is great for stretching tight hamstrings. This is usually taught at the end of classes when you are close to Savas.

*Another version of this stretch involves bringing your legs further away from your hips to form a diamond shape with your legs. Hold your leg once more and bend forward as you exhale. During this time your spine may become very rounded and your head may touch your feet. This stretch targets a different part of your hips, but it’s beneficial.

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There are two variations of cow face appearance: half cow face and full cow face. The full version is a serious shoulder and hip opener, and if that feels overwhelming all at once, I recommend starting with the half cow face.

Once you are comfortable with both stretches, sit up tall and take five deep breaths and repeat the stretch on the other side (your left arm behind your back, your right arm behind your back and your right knee on the floor and your left knee over your right knee). .

Hero Pose is commonly used as an intermediary pose and also provides a great stretch in the thighs. This sounds simple, but can be very uncomfortable for those with sensitive knees, so use props as needed!

Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners

Firelock pose is an excellent stretch for the outer hips. This pose looks intense for many people, so I definitely recommend using props here too!

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This asana can be frustrating for beginners, but the only way to get “good” at it (which isn’t really the goal of yoga, it’s about getting better at stretching, how far you can go) is to practice it consistently. .

This pose is probably the most advanced of all the seated yoga poses on this list, and an intense hamstring stretch! I recommend keeping a leash nearby.

Twists are great for digestion, and are especially practiced on the floor. Pisces Demigod pose is great for opening the chest and releasing back tension.

This is a variation of the traditional seat forward bend and is more comfortable for people with tight hamstrings or hips.

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This is a great seated side stretch to practice releasing tension and tightness in the side body. Sensation of arm extension in extended lateral angle pose.

It’s technically considered a beginner’s pose because it’s the starting pose for the full lotus pose, but even the beginner version can be pretty intense, which is why I’d recommend trying this pose before warming up your hips with a hip-opening pose like Firelock. not . pose, cow face pose and tie angle pose. Do not try this asana if you have knee or hip pain, see how you feel in Easy Pose first. If you can feel a deep stretch in your hips in Easy Pose, I don’t recommend trying Half Lotus Pose just yet.

Chair yoga is a great option if you have sensitive knees, have trouble getting up off the floor, or are at work and just want to get in some yoga time!

Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners

This is a modified version of the traditional cat-cow stretch, which is usually done on all fours, but if you decide to sit on your hands and knees next to your desk, you might get funny looks from your co-workers :). Instead, you can practice this with your hands on your knees and achieve the same stretch.

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This is a great yoga pose for people suffering from sciatica or back pain. The feeling is similar to being pigeon-toed, but for most people sitting in a chair actually helps provide more relief and a deeper stretch in the hips.

Eagle pose is a traditional balancing pose that works on stretching the shoulders. In this variation, the balancing part is taken out and you can better focus on stretching the shoulders and folding the legs.

Aside from being on a chair, there are variations of Easy Twist sitting on the floor! This is a great option to exercise in the office when you feel like you need a break or are feeling tension in your back.

The traditional chair prayer twist can be challenging for beginners to practice with proper alignment. Practicing it on a chair gives you more control while getting all the benefits of the twist.

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Forward bends can be done easily while sitting in a chair and are a very comfortable posture to practice releasing tension and tightness in the neck and shoulders.

Extended Side Angle is a powerful pose that works the legs while drawing deeply into the side body. This is a great variation to get a great side stretch for the body while supporting your legs more.

If you have trouble with traditional downward dog due to weak wrists, or if you don’t practice on the ground, this is a great variation.

Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners

I firmly believe that you should never skip savasana – and conveniently you don’t have to practice lying down, you can practice sitting in a chair!

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A lot of people automatically think that seated poses can’t lose weight because they think they can’t be as challenging as standing poses, but I don’t think they’ve even tried holding boat pose for a minute.

If you want to lose weight or tone, but find it difficult to get up from the floor or are a beginner yogi, try practicing this pose.

Want ABS without stalling? Look no further. Boat pose builds core strength (and is essential). Each level has variations of poses.

Balancing poses aren’t just for standing poses! Bird-Dog is an excellent balancing pose, practiced on the floor and focusing strongly on the core to keep the pelvis level.

Yoga Poses For Beginners

Tip: Placing a yoga block between your thighs is a great way to make sure you use your thighs and core to lift!

I hope this set of poses has shown you how to practice 100% on the floor or sitting in a chair, and it’s very fulfilling! Let us know what your favorite poses are in the comments!

After completing teacher training in India, Francisca began writing and teaching about yoga while traveling. Having her mat with her at all times makes her feel more at home wherever she is. Yoga has improved her life in many ways and she wants to share the many benefits of yoga with others. Most seated yoga poses are suitable for beginners, and most are easily adapted to any level of strength or flexibility. The floor provides a stable position that helps open the body.

Seated Yoga Poses For Beginners

I have put together 9 relaxed seated poses that are commonly used and important for beginners. I’ve also arranged them in row/flow order so you can use this as practice! Stay connected to your breath, watch your thoughts and notice any feelings that arise.

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* Tip: Keep your hips on the floor, tilt your torso to the right and pull your rib cage to the left.

* Tip: Keep your spine long, low, and stretch your torso until your chest and stomach touch your thighs, and feel a stretch in the back of the extended leg. Stretch the spine as you inhale and deepen the stretch as you exhale.

* Tip: Bring your heels closer to your hips, push your hips down, lengthen your spine, lower your shoulders and open your chest. Option to fold forward for a passive stretch in the hips.

* Tip: Keep your knees up

Basic And Advanced Seated Yoga Poses

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